2021 Fall Issue

Here’s a brief glance at what you’ll find in our Fall issue…

Put Some PEP in Your Step – A New Retirement Plan Option to Consider

A generous benefits package that includes a robust retirement plan can be a powerful recruiting tool for construction companies. But providing cost-effective, high-quality benefits isn’t easy. This article takes an in-depth look at a new retirement plan option: pooled employer plans (PEPs). A sidebar warns that, though PEPs relieve employers of many benefits-related risks, some fiduciary responsibilities remain.

Is the Research Credit Within Your Reach?

Many construction company owners might assume that a tax credit related to research and development is out of their reach. Au contraire: Contractors can and have claimed the research credit for improving construction techniques or developing industry-related software. This article provides a refresher on this potentially valuable tax break.

Seven Coping Strategies for Volatile Steel Prices

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted steel supply and demand throughout the world, leading to widespread price increases. This article suggests seven strategies that contractors can use to cope with the price volatility, including adjusting bidding approaches and adding price escalation clauses to contracts.

Adding Value with Life-Cycle Cost Analysis

Life-cycle cost analysis (LCCA) seeks to estimate a construction project’s overall cost of ownership over its “useful life cycle.” It then strives to identify design or construction alternatives that will minimize costs over that life cycle. This article explains how contractors can play a role in LCCA and, in doing so, give themselves a competitive edge.

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