2021 Summer Issue

Here’s a brief glance at what you’ll find in our Summer issue…

EIDLs Offer Access to Working Capital

Many construction businesses have struggled during the pandemic. One way to obtain some helpful working capital is a COVID-19 Economic Injury Disaster Loan offered by the Small Business Administration. This article discusses the details and requirements of these loans. A sidebar warns recipients of Paycheck Protection Program loans about misuse of funds.

Place a High Value on a Business Valuation

For any construction business owner, an enduring question is: Just how valuable is my company? The answer is variable because the value of any business rises and falls depending on a number of factors. This article explains why valuations are important for contractors and explores three critical parts of the appraisal process.

Do You Have a False Sense of Cybersecurity?

Contractors shouldn’t assume that their risk of a cyberattack is low because they don’t sell products on the Internet or have a major social media presence. Construction businesses are attractive targets for cybercriminals. This article explains why and discusses how to mitigate risk through a cybersecurity assessment and appropriate strategies.

Clearing the Higher Bar for Disruption Damages

Sometimes an owner’s actions during a construction project may disrupt a contractor’s job progress. In some cases, the contractor may be able to recover damages for additional expenses incurred because of the disruption. However, as this article explains, proving the amount of such disruption damages isn’t easy.

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