2022 Fall Issue

Here’s a brief overview at what you’ll find in our Fall issue…

What Are Change Orders Really Costing You?

Most construction projects are well planned and documented before a shovel hits the ground. That’s why change orders are a big deal; they represent a notable deviation from the building plans. This article discusses how contractors can better identify the true costs of change orders. A sidebar looks at whether a construction company should ever consider doing change-order work for free.

Worth a Look: The Work Opportunity Tax Credit

The skilled labor shortage continues to challenge construction businesses. One potential way to mitigate the problem is to hire individuals from certain “targeted” groups that often encounter difficulties finding employment. As discussed in this article, by doing so, a construction company may be able to avail itself of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit.

Check Your Company’s Vital Signs With KPIs

Many construction business owners lose sleep wondering whether they’re staying ahead of or falling behind the competition. Seemingly unpredictable equipment breakdowns are also a constant cause of concern. As this article explains, regularly checking certain key performance indicators can provide insights and alleviate stress.

The Future of 3D Printing in Construction

Science fiction lovers will have little trouble envisioning a wall panel materializing out of thin air thanks to the high-tech hardware aboard an intergalactic starship. That’s the concept of 3D printing, which is very real but not yet widely used in construction. This article explores the potential benefits and problems of a dramatically advancing technology.


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