2022 Spring Issue

Here’s a brief glance at what you’ll find in our Spring issue…

Sales and Use Taxes: An Ongoing Challenge

The U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark decision of South Dakota v. Wayfair is almost four years old. That makes now a good time for contractors to review their sales and use tax obligations. This article discusses the concept of nexus, notes some construction specifics, and assesses the ultimate impact of Wayfair. A sidebar looks at the potential benefits of a reverse sales-and-use tax audit.

Sizing Up a Public Infrastructure Project

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act was signed into law on November 15, 2021. It represents a veritable mountain of opportunities for construction companies in the months and years ahead. This article offers up some tips on how contractors can assess whether one of these jobs is right for them.

Could You Qualify for an Energy-Efficient Tax  Deduction?

Section 179D of the tax code allows a deduction for the cost of energy-efficient improvements to new or existing commercial buildings, as well as certain residential rental buildings. This article explains how construction companies might be able to qualify for the deduction, even though the tax break is primarily intended for property owners.

Five Tips for Avoiding Profit Fade

Profit fade can be a serious problem for construction companies. As the name suggests, profit fade simply means a decline in expected gross profits over the course of a project. This article suggests five ways to avoid this costly issue, including monitoring work in progress and building in contract protections.


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