2022 Summer Issue

Here’s a brief glance at what you’ll find in our Summer issue…

New Lease Accounting Standard is Here (for real this time)

Although its implementation has been long delayed, a new accounting standard applicable to leases under Generally Accepted Accounting Principles is now in effect. The changes could affect financial ratios that lenders and sureties use to evaluate a construction company. This article explores the details of the new lease accounting standard. A sidebar urges contractors to look for “embedded leases” that they might be unaware of.

Prepare for Project Delays With Savvy Financial Strategies

No matter how well planned, construction projects don’t always go as anticipated. A job that looks sunny on paper can turn into a hot mess if it experiences serious delays. This article discusses how recognizing common risks and preparing savvy financial strategies can help a construction company avoid disaster if a serious slowdown occurs.

Eight Tips for Managing Your Supply Chain

The COVID-19 pandemic and other world events have triggered or worsened supply chain risks and shortcomings affecting many industries, including construction. So, it’s critical for contractors to actively manage their supply chains. This article offers eight tips, including being transparent with customers and looking into helpful software.

How Can Contractors Use Wearable Technology?

Construction companies are increasingly using wearable technology to improve the building process. The term refers to a wide variety of hands-free, internet-connected electronic devices that can be worn directly on the body or embedded in hard hats, boots, vests, or other gear. This article describes just a few uses of wearables in a construction context.

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