2022 Winter Issue

Here’s a brief glance at what you’ll find in our Winter issue…

Construction Accounting – Five Ways to Optimize Your Financial Reporting

In today’s challenging environment, a construction company’s relationships with its lenders and surety are more important than ever. One way to enhance these relationships is to provide financial statements (and other documentation) that are complete, accurate, and timely. This article discusses five ways to optimize the financial reporting process. A sidebar looks at why contractors should consider comparative financial statements.

Why Contractors Should Consider Mediation

When a construction dispute arises, among the first thoughts that may come to mind is, “Oh no, is this going to wind up in court?” Sometimes that eventuality is unavoidable, but there’s often a much easier and even productive way to resolve the matter: mediation. This article explores why contractors shouldn’t fear the mediation process.

Combating the Skilled Labor Shortage

Even before COVID-19, construction companies were facing a scarcity of skilled workers. The pandemic has only exacerbated the problem. This article suggests four ways to combat the skilled labor shortage, including leveraging technology and sprucing up one’s employer brand.

Pump up Tax Savings With the Fuel Credit

Construction companies that wish to reduce their tax bills or increase their refunds shouldn’t overlook the fuel tax credit. Many contractors likely qualify for it and it’s relatively easy to calculate. This article explores the potential savings and how to go about claiming this often-overlooked tax break.

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