Another Successful Donation to ABCares!

On Wednesday, August 30th, we dropped off personal hygiene supplies to ABC Delaware.

ABCares once again partnered with Colonial School District to collect simple personal items and hygiene products to aid students with their needs this coming school year.  They reached out to their members to help:

“These days, students need so much more than just school
supplies. Many students don’t have needed personal hygiene
items to make it thru the day, let alone the month.
ABCares is undertaking a collection drive this summer to help
those students be able to focus on education and not simple
personal items we all take for granted. Help us help STUDENTS
and THEIR TEACHERS focus on learning this school year in the
Colonial School District.”

And of course, SCG jumped into action!  Erin Melhus led the effort by collecting either cash or donated items from the wish list – overall, we ended up with over 600 items to help students throughout the school year!

36 Bodywashes
26 Shampoo/Conditioners
10 Bars of Soap
225 Flossers
17 Toothpastes
10 Toothbrush/Toothpaste Kits
24 Toothbrushes
198 Razors
20 Shaving Gels
9 Deodorants
23 T-Shirts
4 Pairs of Pants
14 Pairs of Underwear

Like we always say, we have the best, most generous employees around!


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