Chili Cook Off and Bake Off

On Tuesday, November 16th, the Social Committee held a Chili Cook Off & Bake Off competition.

Here are the entrants and what they brought:

Emily Mowen – Toffee Bars
Pam Morris – Oreo Brownies
Evan Brabson – Cinnamon Roll Cookies
Bob Smith – Chili
Diane Hyman – Key Lime Pie
Olivia Jamison – Mocha Cheesecake Brownies
Tara Bolinski – Chili & Bourbon Pumpkin Pie
Bob Elder – Chili
Erin Melhus – Chili & Corn Pudding
Samantha Finfer – Pumpkin Bread
Theresa Hughes – Chili & Corn Bread
Kim Hazzard – Caramel Pecan Brownie Bites
Wil Duggan – Chili

Bob Elder and Bob Smith tied for the best chili, and Diane Hyman won the baked goods category! Each received a $100 VISA gift card. It was a fun, delicious day! Here are some photos:


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