Farewell to Our 2023 Summer Interns

Today, we are bidding farewell to our 2023 Summer Interns:  Mike Marvel, Paris Hickman, Sophia Gerhart, Leah Crumpton, and Harry Nardi.  Nick Doldan, our Trust Department Summer Intern, will be staying with us part time until he graduates in June 2024, when he will be joining us full time.

On Tuesday, we had a delicious luncheon, and each intern was presented with a small gift and an Amazon gift card with our gratitude.

We appreciate their hard work during their internships and hope they found their time with our firm rewarding.

We measure the success of our internship program when our interns report that, after completing two months with us, they now have a real-life understanding of what it’s like to work in a local CPA firm.

Best wishes to Mike, Paris, Sophia, Leah, Harry, and Nick as they begin their senior years at college!

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