Internship Program

We offer a knock-your-socks-off summer internship program for students after their junior year of college.

We measure the success of this program when our interns report that, after completing two months with us, they now have a real-life understanding of what it’s like to work in a local CPA firm.

Our internship program runs from June to August.  During that time, our interns will:

  • Be mentored by or partnered with a different member of our team each week as they work on financial and tax engagements,
  • Attend multiple networking events,
  • Be part of client meetings with other team members,
  • Attend firm social events, and
  • Participate in our Entrepreneurial Program with guest speakers.


Here’s what a couple of our previous interns had to say about their experience:

“My internship at Santora CPA Group provided me with valuable insight into the field of public accounting, which is something I couldn’t learn in a classroom.  I was able to attend client meetings, perform testing on audit engagements, and even prepare mock tax returns.  Also, Santora definitely takes care of their employees!  From the catered lunches to mini golf outings, I was able to connect with my co-workers and decompress from the work day in a fun environment.”

~ Olivia (University of Delaware)

“I had a fantastic experience interning with Santora CPA Group.  From the first day onward, I felt very welcomed and a part of a supportive team.  Everyone at the firm, from the staff level all the way to partner, was willing to help me get the most out of the internship.  I received an in-depth look into all the different aspects of what a CPA actually does in practice, and every day I learned something new.  Above all else, Santora has put together a phenomenal group of people, and it was a joy to interact with them each day.”

~ Ray (University of Delaware)

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