Memories From Vet Fest 2022

On Saturday, September 24th, a few our of SCG employees volunteered at this year’s Vet Fest 2022 in the Town of Whitehall in Middletown.

Pictured above is the Exhibitor Team relaxing after setting up at 6:00 a.m. on a 44 degree morning and then directing 31 cars to our location and hauling 31 trunk loads of exhibitors’ material up to their locations. They are :

Jan Hay (Santora CPA Group) The Organizer
Jim Barren (Sobieski Mechanical, Inc.) The “Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way” guy
Brian Bailey (Sobieski Mechanical, Inc.) The “Muscle” – “Follow Me, This is Your Spot” guy
Keith Delaney, not pictured, (Santora CPA Group) The “Tell Me What You Need, and Then Stand Back” guy
Olivia Jamison (Santora CPA Group) The “Follow Me” guide
Ashton Driver, The “Energizer Bunny”
and Bob Elder (Santora CPA Group) The “Lucky to Have Such a Great Team” guy

Everyone was very proud to be a part of Vet Fest.  Here are some photos from the day…

It was a beautiful day…we can’t wait for next year!!

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