More Company-Provided Phillies Tickets in July and August 2022

Here’s some more fun from our employees at Citizens Bank Park this summer!

On Sunday, July 24th, Tara Bolinski took her husband and son to watch the Phillies vs. the Chicago Cubs.  It was a crazy, hot day, but they got to spend some time in “The Yard,” which offered some much-needed shade and a kid-favorite hot dog launcher.  The water ice never tasted so good.  Unfortunately, the Phillies lost by a score of 4-3.

On Sunday, August 21st, Tara took her husband, son, and father-in-law to watch the Phillies vs. the New York Mets. It was another hot one, but the rain helped to cool everyone down…just a bit.  Tara’s father-in-law is a Mets fan, so the back forth of the game was extra exciting. In the end, the Mets won by a score of 10-9.

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