Professional Development

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to professional development.

Every professional has different ideas of what they aspire to, what they enjoy doing, and different timeframes for achieving their ultimate career dreams.  Some choose to charge ahead, no holds barred.  Others may choose to step off the progressive track for a bit, staying actively involved in the profession on a part-time basis, then step back on.  There is plenty of room for different career tracks at our firm.


From day one, you will be assigned a coach who will meet with you on a regular basis to help you craft a plan based on your timeframe that includes technical training, exposure to a variety of services, special conferences, and assignments with specific clients that capture your enthusiasm.  Each of these details are designed to steadily move you along your desired career path.

Our week-long orientation program is designed to help you get acclimated with our processes and software.  As a Staff Accountant, you will be provided with a comprehensive training schedule for your first three years with our firm—giving you a solid foundation to build on.

You will develop your own style by working on different types of engagements and assignments with a wide variety of experienced professionals.


We view technology as an integral part of doing our jobs efficiently, and we strive to stay current with the highest industry standards.

You will also get comprehensive training on a variety of soft skills, which have nothing to do with audits or taxes, but will help you gain a better understanding of working and communicating with others.

Our Entrepreneurial Program features a wide variety of speakers each year on topics that are important to our clients—subjects for which clients will turn to you for help. These may include various kinds of insurances, HR regulations, and investment options.

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