Spring 2024

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Could Your Construction Company Benefit From a PTET?

Owners of construction companies structured as partnerships, limited liability companies, or S corporations may not be fully aware of the pass-through entity taxes (PTETs) available in states in which their businesses operate. The various iterations of PTETs are essentially workarounds for the $10,000 federal limit on deductions of state and local taxes. As this article explains, electing a PTET isn’t an easy decision, but doing so could save tax dollars under the right circumstances. A sidebar chart lays out the state of PTETs nationwide.

Managing Your Construction Company’s Workers’ Comp Costs

The premiums and administration costs of workers’ compensation insurance are part and parcel of doing business in the construction industry. But contractors don’t have to take high, or certainly excessive, costs sitting down. This article explores several ways construction companies can manage the cost of workers’ comp coverage, including providing continuous safety training and monitoring their “X-Mod” factors.

Why WIP Schedules Are So Wonderful

They say no one can see the future, and that may be true. But contractors and their leadership teams, as well as sureties and lenders, can get a pretty good idea. How? When construction businesses regularly supplement their financial statements with work-in-progress (WIP) schedules. This article explains how WIP schedules work and why they’re so wonderful.

Three FAQs About the SBA’s Surety Bond Guarantee Program

Small construction businesses face a number of distinctive challenges, just one of which is obtaining bonding for projects that require it. What many contractors may not know is the U.S. Small Business Administration offers a Surety Bond Guarantee Program that can be quite helpful. This article asks and answers three common questions about the program.

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