Tax Services

When it comes to tax challenges, Santora CPA Group gives you a distinct advantage.

It comes from having a team of dedicated tax professionals reviewing your unique business or personal tax situation, deciphering the complexities of the tax code, and staying on top of the latest regulatory changes to minimize your tax exposure and maximize opportunities to retain your earnings. Our tax team knows how to make those rules and regulations work for you rather than against you.


Santora CPA Group provides a full spectrum of tax services for individuals and a broad range of organizations.  And we take a proactive, relationship-driven approach to providing you with valuable tax planning strategies and tax compliance consulting, not just at tax time, but all year long.  That means you can move toward your goals with confidence, knowing that the guidance we offer is based on our solid understanding of the tax code as it applies to your specific situation…and that we’re always there, Right, By Your Side, to handle any tax issues that may arise.

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