Personal Trust Services

Santora CPA Group is pleased to offer our clients independent individual trustee services for the administration of Delaware trusts through our affiliate, Pinion. Delaware offers a unique opportunity for clients to utilize the robust directed trustee statutes that allow clients to choose advisors other than the acting trustee to manage trust investments and discretionary distributions.  Pinion’s experienced, professional individual Delaware trustee can perform the administrative duties of trustee while coordinating with one or more named advisors and provide a personalized, tailored client experience.

If you are an attorney advising your client about an asset protection or Dynasty trust strategy and, during the course of your planning, you decide that an individual trustee may offer more flexibility than a corporate trustee, Pinion, in affiliation with Santora CPA Group, can provide that service.

If you are a bank or a trust company facing a situation where it is not feasible to serve as trustee for a valued client’s trust, Pinion may be the perfect solution for this circumstance. We understand the unique and special nature of this arrangement, and we will protect your relationships with your valued clients.

We offer the following trust services:

  • With over 30 years personal trust experience, Theresa L. Hughes, in her capacity as a Delaware resident, will act as your Delaware trustee
  • Prepare or assure the preparation of trust tax returns or tax information letters
  • Prepare trust accounting as required or requested
  • Refer a nationally recognized attorney to prepare or assist your local counsel in drafting trust documents that meet Delaware statutes

The best way to learn what we can do for you is to talk with us. Call Theresa Hughes at 302-224-5168 or email her at to set up an initial consultation.  And check out the Pinion website at to learn more about their services – remember, it’s Your Trust – Your Choice!

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