Welcome Back Roundtables!

We had our first in-person post-COVID construction industry round table on July 20th. These luncheons provide an opportunity for those in the construction industry to talk to general contractors about challenges they face, new opportunities, and maintain contact with one another. We have hosted over 300 lunches in the last 12 years, with the last year being strictly virtual due to COVID restrictions.

Pictured in our conference room from left to right are: Rick DeCesare, BPGS, Inc., Caitlin Riggs, Santora CPA Group, Tracy Filliben, Breslin Contracting, Inc., Jim Barren, Sobieski, Inc., Bob Elder, Santora CPA Group, Ted Williams, Landmark Science & Engineering, John Gooden, M. Davis & Sons, Inc., Lew Morrison, County Group Companies, Inc., Israel Mercado, Santora CPA Group, Bob MacIntosh, MacIntosh Engineering, Inc.

We can’t wait to welcome our friends at the next luncheon!

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