Well Done Paul & Anthony!

We’re so proud of Paul Specht and Anthony Apostolico!!

Here’s the story from the Delaware Contractors Association (DCA)…

“Due to COVID-19, we were unable to have our 47th annual crab feast in person but got creative and transformed it into a “to go feast.” New this year, we had a “DCA Surf & Turf” pre-packaged meal. ModernControls purchased 90 of those meals and donated them to the Emmanuel Dining Room and the Dover Interfaith Mission. Our Young Executives Committee (YEC) have volunteered to the Dover mission for the last four years, usually preparing and serving meals onsite. Due to COVID-19, they are only allowed to receive pre-made meals through delivery. We asked for some YEC volunteers who would be willing to give up their Friday evening to deliver the meals donated by ModernControls to the mission. Paul and Anthony have served with us at the Dover mission before and stepped up immediately!  We are so proud they are part of our Young Executives Committee and thankful for their commitment along side us to support our community.”   

-Jamie Chambers of DCA

Well done Paul and Anthony!!!

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