Who We Are

We’re passionate about getting it “right”

For 40 years, Santora CPA Group has built a proud and proven track record of helping our clients and their businesses to succeed, helping our team members to grow, and helping our community to be a better place to live.

We understand and appreciate why so many of our clients have been with us for more than three decades—and why new clients say, “You really did exceed my expectations.”  It’s all based on superior client service.  No matter how large or small, each client receives the same level of care, service, passion, and expertise…this is the Santora way, “Right, By Your Side.”

Core Purpose and Core Values

In 2008, the leadership of Santora CPA Group took on the task of turning a “good” firm into a “great” one.  Our goal was to build a firm that people could be proud to be a part of…one that would endure for many years.

Using the process outlined in Jim Collin’s book, Good to Great, we set a Core Purpose that would guide us for years to come in all of our major business decisions.  We also dug down deep and discovered our Core Values—those basic principles already shared by many of us, without which we could not work.  These ideals are the foundation of our firm today and as we move forward into an exciting future.

Our Core Purpose

“The continual pursuit and use of knowledge for the betterment of our clients, our team, and the community as a whole,” personifies everything we do.

Our Core Values

Delight clients
Encourage individuality
Learn continually
Inspire trust
Give generously
Have fun
Teach and share

We make sure everyone we hire shares these Core Values, and everyone lives “DELIGHT.” We know these values can’t be taught. They must be inherent in each person we hire.

These principles are what shape our culture and make our firm a great place to work.  These aren’t just words on paper to us. Each of us lives our Core Purpose and Core Values every single day.

Santora CPA Group
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